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Group Access Settings

The group access settings allow you to define a set of criteria for how a user gains and maintains access to your group and associated courses. This section will go through all the options, including payment settings, free access, prerequisites and more.

Locating Group Access Settings

  1. From your Dashboard, click on Groups
  2. Click on the group you want to edit
  3. Click on the Settings tab at the top of the page
  4. Locate the section titled “Group Access Settings”

Group Access Mode

Access mode is how you determine the way in which someone can gain access to a group (free with registration required, one-time payment, recurring subscription, admin-enrollment, etc.). Cyatl LMS has four group access modes available.


The following rules apply to Free groups:

  • Must be registered/logged in to access
  • No payment is required
  • “Enroll in Group” button is shown to users not yet enrolled. They are sent through the registration process. 

The Free access mode is a good choice if you want users to self-enroll into the group.

Buy Now

The following rules apply to Buy Now (one-time payment) groups:

  • Must be registered/logged in to access
  • Requires a one-time fee to be paid (no free access)
  • Only works with the following payment methods: PayPal, Stripe
  • Do not use if you’re selling group access via a shopping cart or membership plugin (see Closed below)

When using the Buy Now mode, you need to enter a price in the Course Price field.

  1. Select the Buy Now access mode
  2. Enter your price in the Group Price field

For both “Buy Now” and “Recurring” access modes, the user will be automatically enrolled into the group upon a completed payment.


Recurring is very similar to Buy Now, except for recurring payments (as opposed to one-time payments).

  • Do not use this setting in this section. You can set up recurring payments via the shopping cart.

Group access sold via PayPal will not be automatically revoked should the user stop the recurring payments. This will require the administrator to manually remove the user from the group.


The following rules apply to Closed groups:

  • Must be registered/logged in to access
  • Allows you to sell group access via your shopping cart
  • Enables a custom Button URL field, which sends users to a custom sales or checkout page (a button is only shown if you enter a URL)
  • Option to manually enroll users into the group

When you choose Closed, you are essentially telling Cyatl LMS to restrict access to your group. In order to enroll users into the group, one of the following (or both) can happen:

  • Let your shopping cart handle group access by associating the product or membership with the Cyatl LMS group .
  • Manually add users  to the group (via the user’s Profile, or Group edit page). Must be an Administrator or Group Leader with proper capabilities enabled.
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