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Create online courses quickly and easily

Custom Online School

Cyatl Courses is an easy to use Learning Platform packed with powerful features that enable you to create your own online school.

Workshops & Events

If you run offline workshops and events, you can use Cyatl Courses to take payments and enroll attendees.

Student Area

Students can manage their online courses, take quizzes and monitor their progress through their personal dashboard

Earn Passive Income on Complete Autopilot...

  • Big market - huge global audience
  • Passive income - set and forget it
  • Publish once - sell forever
  • Create an evergreen business - sell new courses every month

The fact is… you can easily publish courses with a simple laptop and put it all together in a couple of days. 

You don’t even need to be an expert – you just need to know something that a lot of people want to learn. That’s it.


Online Education is a Huge Market

There are new platforms launching every month that are expanding the online learning market, raising millions of dollars and growing fast. 

Sites like Udemy, Teachable, Coursera, EdX, Lynda.com have 1M+ members. 

LinkedIn acquired Lynda.com  for $1.5 BILLION!

So – if you want an online business that can generate significant recurring revenue on autopilot… 

Publishing online courses is the PERFECT space to be in.

But... Education Marketplaces Like UDEMY Have Several Problems

  • They own the platform - You are just a vendor there, you have very little control.
  • The marketplace can take up to 75% of your income as FEES.
  • There may be hidden fees like transaction charges, and lots of other limitations.
  • You don't own your students (you have no access to your customer list)
  • Since you don't own the platform, you are building someone else’s business (you can never sell it )
  • You can get banned or kicked off the platform at anytime and lose everything you've worked so hard for.

That’s why we created CYATL Courses.

A product that will let you launch on your own site – give you full control and let you keep 100% of the PROFITS that you generate.

CYATL Courses will…

  • Launch your own Udemy like site for your online courses in just minutes
  • Allow you to add unlimited students and charge any amount you want
  • Let you add 10, 25, 50 or even 100 courses easily.
  • Provide you with a fully customizable platform with an integrated payment option... everything you need
  • Build a profitable online business for you

Now you can have YOUR OWN education portal to publish & sell online courses that earns you PASSIVE INCOME


CYATL Courses

Publish, Sell & Deliver Online Courses - Launch your own Education Portal with Unlimited Students, Unlimited Courses & Unlimited Videos.

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